6 Steps to Switch Your Team to a Online Project Management Software

Today even the well cohesive project team also needs ways to collaborate to deliver projects.

Interestingly there are more than sophisticated tools to collaborate. This is in contrast-to, especially when you are going through the pain of running a legacy system to drive projects and almost everyone hates using it. For productivity reasons, for competitive reasons, for cost purpose, companies are deliberating to switch to online project management software.

And obviously, people are resisting to switch to a new online project management and collaboration software system.

Should That Be A Painful Process?

It certainly used to be much painful process few years ago when businesses were implementing enterprise, legacy software.

However the new set of cloud based project management tools are easy to get started, adopt as well as stop. If you have evaluated project portfolio management software for your company, keeping in mind your company's current project management processes, people, culture and tools, then the transition will not be as painful as it used to be, in case of legacy software few years ago.

Even with loud based, highly flexible software system, it cannot be said that software transition is not painful. However, it can be made lesser painful with a well thought change management approach.

Let's take a look six steps approach to seamlessly switch your project team to online project management software.

It Is a Well defined, Articulated Transition Process Works

For your company, who will carry out software transition for you? Vendor, Partner? Think again. It is you. Also transitioning is not about organizing training, it is certainly not about people sitting through two hours session and learns about tool's interface or buttons or boxes.It is definitely more than that. It is about accepting the tool as an integral way of working together, as a cultural thing. It is about changing the mindset of colleagues.

Hence you will have to make it a point to articulate and define transition process, as you will decide to implement project portfolio management software.As an initiator of this change, you will have to take the responsibility and ownership. Write down real limitations, cultural issues, decide pragmatic steps to roll out software, identify quick wins, champions, and ways to address roadblocks.

Switching to Online Project Management Software: Treat it Like a Project and Track Performance

Introducing anything new to company is a big change (even if it is salary revision :-)) implementing new software has to be managed as a project.It needs thorough planning, setting up milestones, identification or right resources, identifying issues, addressing issues, identifying risks, managing risks, financial provisioning, etc.

Implementing new software system is not a trivial change which can be carried out as parallel activity or secondary activity.It requires focus, it requires people to spend time and have accountability.

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Identify Champions for This Transition Process

Like any normal project, you will have project sponsor, project owner, project team members, customers, etc.

For software implementation project, the role of change agents or champion is much more important. As a initiator you will have to identify dynamic evangelist who will vouch for new system, build confidence of other employees, share their feedback about adoption challenges.

Company that takes multi-disciplinary strategy to implement software with the help of champion and evangelist is more likely to succeed, more than single owner trying to push the software.

Don't Wait For The Best Time, Start With Right Time

They say “Timing is important”, absolutely true.

However there is no such thing as best time. It can only be realized in retrospect that, it was the best time. Hence you don't have to wait for the best time to implement new portfolio project management software. You don't need to do nationwide roll out at the same time.

Not everyone would be ready to accept it or start working on it. Some department or teams would be working on some critical assignment, pts terbaik sumatera in a fire fighting mode; you have given them time to come onboard. Hence it is critical to understand what is the right time for different teams to adopt/start using software.

Select Partner Who is Willing To Walk Together and Not Just a Vendor

Assuming that you have found project management software that works for your organization, has all the features you need, aligns with your current/future processes and workflow.

But that's not it. You should not look for a vendor that offers project management software product that has all bells and whistles. Implementing software requires more engagement from both. You should consider vendor who is your partner in this journey, who has travelled this road before, understand the typical problems, be ready whenever you have issues.

Take Incremental Approach and Don't Be Over Ambitious

It is recommended to take an incremental approach while implementing new software system. When I say incremental, I am not talking only about number of departments or number of people to be on-boarded.

Incremental implementation is about steadily opening up software capabilities as your company; people awareness of project management process matures. E.g. If your colleagues have never used risk management practices before, then introducing risk management right on the day one, will confuse them, overwhelm them.

It is better to take step-by-step approach.

Being practical and taking a dolphin training approach will definitely be helpful.

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